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Seems like all airlines are trying to suck from their passenger as much as they can. Every year it gets worse. At least they have the guts to prepare you for additional fees for every service they can provide to you. Slowly but surely we will be charged just for the ticket, the rest will be extra charge. It would not surprise me if after the ticket purchase we won’t have even seat. Obviously we need to sit while flying so there is going to be mandatory charge for that too. No food, no free language checked in, no carry on language literary nothing just the bare ticket for rest extra money. It is getting more and more difficult to determine which airline is honest and give you a good deal. For some reason they think that all of us should be flying first or business class. Those regular guys are pain in their royal asses. I’m trying to avoid United Airlines as much as I can as those guys almost always look how to steal something from you. Irather pay bit extra then fly United.

Unfortunately sometimes you get screwed like me without even knowing. I bought tickets to fly to Poland through They offered definitely the best price on the route I wanted to fly. Stupid me not checking reviews about them. I always make the same mistake – trusting a scum. Week later after the ticket purchase the agency changed my route adding another stop. Was too late to cancel and look for another ticket so I accepted. Another mistake. I was unexpectedly bumped from Lufthansa to United. I found that at the time of check in. The Justfly continued to lie to me that it was the Lufthansa who did it. Because of the change I have not been able to check in as my ticket was not properly issued by the agency. I tried to check in on United and Lufthansa and could not do it. Both companies told me to go back to the agency. Well, I went back to them just to hear same lies about them not being at fault but the airlines. I made all together four calls, spent on the line in excess of two completely waisted hours. There was nothing I could do so I showed up at the airport without checking in. Here the airlines issued me finally a ticket but…there was another fee for the language. The geniuses from Justfly purposefully hid this charge to keep the ticket price low to get my attention. At no point I was told that the fare does not include the baggage’s. Stupidity for the most part is expensive. I learnt another lesson which cost me extra sixty bucks per item. My ticket was not such a great deal and I feel like scum took advantage of me. I will definitely avoid Justfly in the future and that what I would like to suggest to all deal seekers. Stay away from Justfly or it will going to cost you.


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